Santa's Festive Sleigh Window Boxes With Inserts - 15x15x3.5cm

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Introducing our latest creation from Sweet Treats Packaging: Santa's Festive Sleigh Ride 🎅🛷

Freshly unveiled and exclusively designed by our imaginative team, these boxes feature a delightful scene of Santa steering his sleigh through a backdrop adorned with a medley of festive Christmas motifs. Capture the essence of joyous festivities with these boxes, tailor-made to infuse the holiday spirit into your gifts.

Rest assured of your items' safety as these boxes are certified food-safe. From scrumptious sweets to delightful chocolates, enchanting truffles, cherished dates, whimsical fudge, to radiant candles, fragrant wax melts, charming mini soaps, playful jewelry, and all your other treasures, our versatile boxes are designed to accommodate a wide array of presents.

Select between the 9 or 16 grid inserts, granting you the choice to align with your specific requirements – remember to indicate your preference while placing your order.

Flexibility remains a cornerstone feature, as these boxes can be divided into 9 or 16 sections, or arranged in numerous configurations to perfectly match your individual needs.


Approximate Size: 15 x 15 x 3.5cm

Experience the ease of our flat-pack boxes, ensuring effortless assembly without any inconvenience. Elevate your gifting gestures with the enchantment of our Santa's Festive Sleigh Ride design.