Resealable Colour Sweet Bags

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Introducing our versatile Resealable Food Safe Sweet Bags, designed to elevate your sweet packaging game. This particular size measures 15 x 22 x 4cm, offering ample space to showcase your delectable treats.

With a generous capacity, these bags can hold up to 500g of sweets, depending on the size and density of the confections. Whether you're packaging sweets, chocolates, or other sweet delights, these bags provide a convenient and stylish solution.

Available in two colour options, Red and White, these bags add a touch of charm to your presentation. The clear strip at the front allows for a tantalizing glimpse of the mouth watering sweets inside, enticing customers with a visual treat.

Crafted with food safety in mind, these bags meet industry standards to ensure the freshness and quality of your confections. The resealable feature allows for easy opening and closing, providing convenience and ensuring the contents stay protected.

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