Black Pumpkin Window Boxes With Inserts - 15x15x3.5cm

Black Pumpkin Window Boxes With Inserts - 15x15x3.5cm

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Introducing our exclusive Black Pumpkin Boxes, available only at Sweet Treats Packaging.

These distinctive boxes feature a captivating design conceptualized by our team and are crafted solely for our collection.

Perfectly suited for Halloween, these boxes come with a Certified Food Safe guarantee, ensuring the safety of your delectable treats, chocolates, truffles, dates, fudge, candles, wax melts, mini soaps, jewelry, or any other items you choose to fill them with.

Customize your order with the choice of 9 or 16 grid inserts to match your requirements, allowing for flexibility in dividing the boxes into different sections or combinations as needed.

BOX DIMENSIONS: Approximate Size - 15 x 15 x 3.5cm

Assembling these boxes is a breeze – they are delivered flat-packed for easy storage and effortlessly pop open. Simply add inserts based on the number of sections required for your unique arrangement.

Elevate your Halloween celebrations with the exclusive charm of our Black Pumpkin Boxes, available solely from Sweet Treats Packaging.