Halloween Favour Treat Box

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Introducing our Halloween Favor Treat Boxes - Pack of 12:

Enhance your Halloween experience with our captivating Halloween Favor Treat Boxes! This set includes 12 boxes, each featuring a spine-chilling pop-out handle and adorned with 4 unique Halloween designs. With 3 distinct designs in every pack, you'll have a variety that's both intriguing and eye-catching.

The base box measures a convenient 8x8x8cm, providing ample space to fill with an assortment of treats. From delightful sweets and wax melts to spooky Halloween goodies and delectable chocolates, these boxes are the perfect canvas for your imaginative surprises.

Whether you're hosting a haunted gathering or seeking to delight trick-or-treaters, our Halloween Favor Treat Boxes are an exceptional choice. Don't miss the chance to infuse your Halloween celebrations with a touch of mystique and charm. Check the provided picture for detailed dimensions and let the enchanting fun begin!