Snowman Family window Boxes with inserts - 15x15x3.5cm

Snowman Family window Boxes with inserts - 15x15x3.5cm

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Introducing a Christmas delight from Sweet Treats Packaging: The Snowman Family ⛄️

Crafted exclusively by our team, these boxes have been meticulously designed and are produced solely for our collection.

Embrace the festive spirit with these boxes, tailored perfectly for the holiday season.

Ensuring your edibles' safety, these boxes are certified food-safe.

Whether it's sweets, chocolates, truffles, dates, fudge, candles, wax melts, mini soaps, jewelry, or any other treasures, our versatile boxes are here to accommodate.

Choose between the 9 or 16 grid inserts, aligning with your needs – make sure to specify your preference when placing an order.

Experience flexibility as these boxes can be segmented into 9 or 16 sections, or arranged in various combinations to match your specifications.


Approximate Size: 15 x 15 x 3.5cm

Our boxes are conveniently flat-packed and effortless to assemble.