Heart Shape Explosion Box

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Introducing our enchanting Heart-Shaped Explosion Box, a symphony of love and creativity. This unique masterpiece features a sleek black base paired with a passionate red top, making it an exquisite canvas for your heartfelt expressions.

Express your affection in a personalized way by filling this enchanting box with cherished photographs, heartfelt messages, and more. It's not just a gift; it's a beautiful DIY project that adds a personal touch to every layer. The Heart-Shaped Explosion Box encourages you to unleash your creativity, turning it into a truly memorable experience for your loved one.

Each box comes adorned with a "Just for You" ribbon in classic black, enhancing the elegance of your surprise. But that's not all – we've included extra goodies to make your explosion box even more unique. The package features a premade small box, allowing you to tuck away a special token of affection.

Approximating a size of 20cm at its widest width, 12cm in height, and 16cm in length, please note that due to its heart shape, sizes may vary slightly. Elevate your gift-giving experience with our Heart-Shaped Explosion Box, where emotions unfold in every layer.

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