Christmas Tree Delight Window Boxes With Inserts - 15x15x3.5cm

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Introducing our latest creation from Sweet Treats Packaging: Enchanting Christmas Tree Delight πŸŽ„

With a charming white backdrop adorned with stars and snowflakes, these boxes capture the essence of the season.

Exclusively designed by us and manufactured solely for our collection, these boxes are a testament to our commitment to unique packaging.

Designed to enhance the holiday experience, these boxes are a perfect fit for Christmas celebrations.

Rest assured of the safety of your items with our Certified Food Safe guarantee.

Whether it's delectable sweets, luxurious chocolates, exquisite truffles, cherished dates, delightful fudge, radiant candles, fragrant wax melts, dainty mini soaps, elegant jewelry, or any other treasures, our versatile boxes are tailored to accommodate them all.

Choose from either the 9 or 16 grid inserts, ensuring you select the suitable insert type while placing your order.

For utmost convenience, these boxes can be divided into 9 or 16 sections, or arranged in various combinations to meet your specific needs.


Approximate Size: 15 x 15 x 3.5cm

Assembling these boxes is a breeze – they are flat-packed and effortlessly pop open. Simply add inserts based on the desired number of sections.

Elevate your holiday gifting with the enchanting charm of our Enchanting Christmas Tree Delight.