Clear Lid Fondue Box 8 Section

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Experience the next level of treat-filled indulgence with our all-new Clear Lid Fondue Box! Designed by Sweet Treats Packaging to elevate your creations, this versatile box offers 8 sections to fill with an assortment of treats, complemented by 4 pot sections for your favourite dipping sauces. Each pot section comfortably fits up to a 4oz pot, ensuring convenient and mess-free serving.


Available in an array of captivating colours including White, Blue, Red, Black, and Orange, the Clear Lid Fondue Box allows you to match your style and aesthetic, making every fondue gathering a visually stunning affair.


Measuring at 30x22x5cm, this spacious box provides ample room to showcase your delicious creations. To further enhance your presentation, we offer sleeves specifically designed to snugly fit the dimensions of the box. These sleeves can be purchased separately from our dedicated listing, allowing you to create a personalised gift box.


Please note that the Clear Lid Fondue Box is delivered flat-packed,

Kindly note that the pots are not included with the box, and the images provided are for illustrative purposes only.